News Aigues Sant Lluis




As a result of the present drought conditions , the high temperatures and the increase of summer visitors , we are asking people to reduce their consumption water.

We are contacting you, as a property owner to take active and effective ways to reduce your usage.

Some of the different and efficient measures, which will have a large enviromental impact are as follows :

1- If you have an automatic garden watering system or use a hosepipe , please reduce the time and water early morning or late evening. This will reduce the amount that could be wasted by evaporation during the hottest part of the day.

2- Instead of using a hosepipe to clean paths and terraces we suggest you sweep instead.

3- To clean your car use an Automatic Car Wash or by hand , using a bucket, instead of using a hosepipe.

These measures are for everyone to follow including tourist establishment and holiday properties

If we do not take measures now, we could find ourselves in a DROUGHT SITUATION in the coming months which could cause an EMERGENCY DROUGHT PLAN FOR SANT LLUÍS

Drinking water is a special public resource so we are asking everyone to help by taking responsibility and being careful. Together we can achieve a lot!

Thank you very much for your cooperation.