Aigües Sant Lluís, serveis

The invoice

Customer service of Aigües Sant Lluís

The address of the house, the previous reading, annual reading and differences between them about consumption data holder, the invoice number, data issue, consumer number, meter number, diameter, billing period and dates of the readings will be shown at the top of the invoice.

Follow by the details of different rates.

The supplying services include:

  • Service fee:

    It is a fixed amount depending on the type of supply and diameter of your water meter which guarantees the availability of the service.

  • Consumption fee:

    The consumption you have used during a period of time is measured as flowing through your water meter.

The rates you pay are for:

  • Sewage:

    For the service of waste water collection

  • Sanitation:

    Balearic tax, to purify the sewage

The third part of the invoice, at the bottom, includes the V.A .T and the amount of the bill, as well as the account number, where it will be paid. Information about the publication rates approved by the relevant management and a small historical table about the consumption